Chinese Animation Industry


Shanghai Animation film (central planned economy)

70’s-80’s Sino

Foreign joint ventures in Southeast of China


Television animation booming, Television state own, private and foreign companies produce animation.


Industry is listed as one of states strategic industries and considered as a part of culture creative industry, entertainment and digital

Strategies of Chinese Animation

  1. company- Shanghai Animation
  2. Cultural Industry Park
  3. Educational Base

Regional Development

  • Beijing and Tianing Base Animation making
  • Shanghai, Hangzhou Financial and Talent
  • Changsha Base Original Animation Dallan Base Outsourcing
  • Guonghou and Shenhen base derivative Products
  • Chengdu base- Digital game and Entertainment

Shenzhen National

58 Domestic Companies

10 Oversea Companies

32 Original Animation Companies

9 Mobile phone and game companies

7 Derivative product produce companies

3 Project Agencies

2 Publishing Companies

1 Finance Company

2 Tech Supports

3 Societies

5 Original Animated Companies

3 Training Companies.


47 billion RMB (6 billion euro)

values of gross adjust for animation industry

8300 enterprises in industry

in 2011, 435 pieces of TV series, 261,224 minutes

24 pieces of animated film, plus 10 imported animations.

Problems with Chinese Animation

  • films don’t do well, only make about 1 million
  • Everyone watches them online
  • Have low product
  • Aimed at 4-14 year olds
  • similar storytelling adopted from comic books
  • Entry barriers in industry
  • Chinese superstitions don’t allow certain stories. eg, talking animals etc
  • made in China but not created in China
  • Limited to no brand influence

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