Working with a Company

As soon as we came back from Christmas break, our course director told us he had got in touch with a few companies who would be taking us on for the next 12 weeks. I was thrilled, i was really excited to be working in industry and seeing how a real studio works and at what pace and quality our work would need to be produced in.

The companies in question were

Black North

Sixteen South




Myself, Daniel Boyle, Hannah Loughridge, Hannah Turkington, Scott Gill, Aiden Scott and Nathan Nicholson were put in a group and working alongside Black North.


Black North are a Belfast based studio who have worked on such films and tv shows such as ‘The Fall’, ‘Looper’, ‘Good Vibrations’ and the Bafta Nominated ‘Finn in the Forest’. They have been Bafta Nominatied and Emmy winners.

When we went for our first meeting we were told what the project was and what we were to do, the project is to create a science fiction gaming experience for phones and the Oculus Rift.


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