Week 3 at Black North

Our assignment for week 3 is the Pre Visualisation of the ‘icetundra’ level using the concepts we have created over the past 2 weeks.

We have began by printing out a good number of our concepts and sticking them up on the wall, we have then gotten a whiteboard and written out different orders we can imagine the imagines working together if the spaceship were really to  move through these images in a real animated game.

10860855_10206147221903699_8051484041540248165_o 10988933_10206147221863698_8262865109454088501_o

From the numbers on the board you would think we were writing out some sort of weird phone numbers or doing some odd maths calculation, but in actual fact it is just the order of the images in different series, the letters represent our names and who created each one.

Why Are we Doing This Process?

We are doing this process so that when it comes to using Maya and modelling parts of the scene/level, we know what goes where and can assign certain parts of the level to each other so that we know who is modelling what and no one models something twice, we also need to be able to connect all our parts of the scene without problems, so laying out the scene like this makes it much easier for us.

Below are some images of work Aidan has done roughly in mudbox , even in its rough stage i feel it looks well as you can see the potential of what it will be when we model the pieces well.

10887362_852840828105970_4637593576826444920_o 10914923_852840854772634_1165568683730346062_o 10957430_852840861439300_2736170302895551348_o


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