Week 2 at Black North

In our second week at Black North we were all to create concepts by ‘Photobashing’ again, only this time we were all to focus on the ‘icetundra’ theme, the one i was doing alone in the beginning, here are my concepts from that week…


I liked this one as i thought the illumination of the ships lights made a really visually pleasing image, however the criticism was that we are trying to avoid trees and forestation as the theme is ‘icetundra’.


My reasoning for this one was the idea of a whole world floating in the sky, perhaps a way of travelling from level to level, however the criticism was that it was a little too ‘out there’. Witch i cant disagree with, haha


This one i created because of how well received a similar one was from the week previous, and this one was received pretty well too.  I do like it, it leaves a lot to the imagination about what could be down in there, or what is around the corner if you follow it


This one was just a day time version of the first image in this post, so the feedback was pretty similar.


This one was, even in my opinion abit out there but i wanted to create something i found visually pleasing, the use of a lit up igloo and meteors of the same colour, i thought were nice, however, the feedback was that it was still a bit too ‘out there’.


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