Week 1 At Black North

With week one at Black North we were each given a game level theme, such as desert, lava, forest etc

I was given ‘Icetundra’ . With this we had to go off and create concept images by using the technique of ‘photobashing’, something none of us were familiar with. Basically it meant not painting much/anything in the image, and it being  completely created from many images and editing techniques in photoshop such as masking.

This is one of the videos we used to help ourselves learn how to do it…

Below are the images i created in the first week…


Kris (company founder) said he liked them all and each of us had done a brilliant job, however there were criticisms. The image above, he said liked the composition and i have a good understanding of it, but my use of colour was wrong, he did not like the orangey hue on the spaceship. And to be honest, after he gave many of his criticisms i felt really stupid for not having realized those faults myself. 10848849_10205224992519660_855939295070296848_o

With this image he didn’t say much other than i have a ‘crazy use of colour’. Which i do think is my problem, i find i get bored of natural looking images and enjoy adding some vibrancy, but it obviously didn’t look correct.10887403_10205224992839668_3229053714798746145_o

This was the first image i created, and probably took me the longest because of it, his main criticism with it was he doesn’t like the snow effect i added and he doesn’t understand why the tower is there either, to be honest i agree, i only added a tower to see how it would look, this piece was the most experimental as i was still learning. 10945462_10205224992799667_4182585834933605534_o

This image was another one i was experiment with the colour in, i thought the orange sun illuminating the ice looked lovely, so added these same colours to the lights/flares of the spaceships,.although i dont think he liked it, haha10945675_10205224992439658_5405859455469852880_o

He felt this one was too mad with colour as well, i was trying to make it look like the northern lights, but i don’t think this was successfully perceived in the image, as he thought i was going mad with colour again, if i am honest i regret adding the fog effect, as i think it makes the image lose its clarity.


This image was his favorite, he said i had a great understanding of composition and the image made him curious and want to know what it down there and beyond the corner of ice. however, of course he had criticisms, he said, again he didn’t like the snow effect and the lens flare was a bit odd and didn’t really visually make sense, which i totally agree with now that i realized. However, not only did he like this one best out of my pieces, but he liked this one best out of the entire groups work which led to the following weeks assignment for the entire group  to create more ‘icetundra images’ without the problems he mentioned. Despite the many criticisms i felt pretty chuffed that he liked my image best, and thus mine will most likely be in the real game.


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