Walk Cycles

Part of our work load was to do a series of short walk animation’s using either a zombie rig or penguin one, i chose the zombie.

Our task was to create…

  • a walk cycle
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Getting up from a seating or laying down position
  • Interact with another character or object

I would first like to say that the act of animating isn’t my strong point at this stage and i need much more practice, however a deadline and lots of other work to be done i only had limited time to work on these pieces of animation, so needless to say, i am not particularly proud of them, and definitely felt i struggled with this task.

Walk Cycle

We originally were shown the basics of a walk cycle during one of our Thursday classes when we had a tutor from outside of the university come in to teach us, and he was great and really helped with tips on how to get the walk cycle done well. He gave us the image below and said we should always use an image illustrating the walk cycle to help get each pose done correctly.


Below is a play-blast of my walk cycle, as i did not have to render out these animation’s. Doing this task made me more of aware of the graph editor and how i can things in the animation using it and also how to loop a piece of animation.

Walking Up and Down Stairs

The next task i decided to do was the walking up and down stairs animation, i was actually more pleased with how this animation was going, however i would have liked to spend much longer on it, as i know it isn’t great but know if i had longer i could probably create a much more realistic piece of animation. I tried to add a slight bounce to the body as he takes the steps, particularly when going down the stairs. One main problem i didn’t have time to fix was the characters turn as he moves back down the stairs.

Getting Up From a Chair

For the getting up from a chair animation i began by animating the simple motion of standing up, i then tried to add extra characteristics such as leaning on the knees with hands before pushing himself up from the chair in anticipation of the actual movement. Again, i think this could have looked much nicer if i had more time to animate.

Interacting with Another Character or Object

This project took me the longest, and in all honesty probably looks the worst (just my animation, not the rest of the groups). As a group of myself, Mark Lisk, Beth Kirkpatrick, Shelley Marshall and Rachel Johnson decided we wanted to animate our characters dancing, then put them together into a scene so that they are dancing together, which would count as the ‘interaction’. I felt like i was struggling to animate anything the way i had envisioned and in the end ran out of tim so my character does a horrendous arm flail, however, the set and lights `Beth made, look great even with the badly animated character.

What i took away from these projects is that in order to animate at a profesional level, i need to have a lot more practice, act out and record myself doing the act i wish to animate, watch videos of other people’s approaches and include the small little movements that make it look realistic to create something worth watching.


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