Working with Composition

I decided to use some images from google to create a good composition before creating a painting.

First of all i drew out the idea roughly in my sketchbook, i drew this one based on the yellow brick road from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (1939)


I then roughly drew it out, added a little colour and added some images of the food i imagined creating the assets in the image such as lolly pop tree’s, ice cream hills, candy floss clouds and towers made from the likes of rolo’s and fruit pastels.

yellow brick painting images

I then painted out the idea, keeping in mind it was a very quick concept to get an idea across, and not a detailed, beautiful piece of art.

yellow brick painting

this ice cream hills made me think of making a world from ice cream like the image below…

ice paint

after i created this, i realised the proportion was pretty awful, but it still visualised an idea that was later developed into something much nicer and aesthetically pleasing.


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