Seasons of Food

An idea Julie and i settled on was to create four final paintings, two each. Each one depicting a season, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This idea came about when we realised different foods are thought of with different seasons, an example being fruit and vegetables could represent the harvesting season of Spring or Summer.

We decided that Julie would do Spring and Summer and i would do Autumn and Winter.

I quickly decided for Autumn i wanted to focus on Autumnal colours, such as warm, oranges,reds, browns, yellow’s etc. Similar to the colour the leaves turn at this time of year.

Because Autumn is the season that Halloween falls in i thought it would be a nice idea to focus on Pumpkins.

For Winter i was stuck for idea’s for a while, i had an idea based on christmas were hills could be made from christmas pudding’s but i thought it wouldn’t actually represent winter, so started looking at arctic images for inspiration and was thinking of focusing on marshmallow ice bergs, but finally decided to focus on ice cream, i can create a castle made from ice cream cones and multiple coloured ice creams, i could add sprinkles, candy canes or even chocolate to the scene.


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