Sugar Rush

Once we decided to focus on creating a world from food one of the first thing’s we thought of for inspiration was ‘Sugar Rush’ the fictional game world from ‘Wreck It Ralph’ (2012).

It is a world made entirely of sweets, mainly american based sweets, such as oreos and laffy taffies.


Sugar Rush kept to a colour scheme of mainly pink’s with some browns, the world was depicted to be mainly made of chocolate, candy floss, strawberry milkshakes etc.

There is a volcano in the world shaped like a coke bottle and they even state that it is coke, and when Mento’s fall in that’s what causes the eruption.


Using straws as tree stumps, gum drops as  stepping stones, the lake, the ground it could be anything which really add’s to the open idea of creating our own idea of making worlds from food.



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