Inspiring Research Images

Searching for images through google i found some great images that i think will help Julie and i get on the right track.

An italian looking world made from mainly italian ingredients and keeping to an italian colour scheme. The colours and vegetables remind me of Ratatouille, so it could be based in France, who knows.


An underwater world made from mainly tropical fruits, i love it, the pineapple mountains in partuclar give me great idea’s.


An octopus made from a banana, makes me wonder what else there is around the house that could be an animal in disguise.


Marshmallow icebergs, in this image look cute, painting a large vast area withmuch larger icebergs, may make the ‘cute’ marshmallows look much more intimidating.


Cauliflower sheep, perhaps in a world made entirely of vegetables and other farming/harvest crops?


Turtles shell made from a  crusty bap, love it!


Animals all made from fruits and vegetables, could go very well with the farm/harvest theme.



A pink sweet world that reminds me very much of Sugar Rush from Wreck it Ralph. There are so many elements from this image that just make me want to start sketching out ideas!


This image makes me think rustic country side, perhaps in France.  The bread roofs and hills look almost good enough to eat.


This is a screen shot i took from the animated series of short’s ‘Rollin Wild’ where all the animals are comically ver overweight, these flamingos reminded me of the pink lollipop tree’s in the image above.


Insects made from fast food? Eek!

McDonalds-Food-Art-Sculpture-French-Fries-and-Tomato-Ketchup NewFoodscapes01

Aubergine Penguins, so cute!  They really have a stance of how a penguin would really stand.


If Frozen had been made from sweets, this would be it! Amazing!worldoffood-header

this image get me so excited and just make me want to doodle out tons of idea’s, lets get started!


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