Inspiration From Animated Films

Since we are planning to create a world from foods, we thought it would be best to start taking inspiration from films that give off the general style we are aiming for, take for example the ‘bread and butterflies’ from Alice in Wonderland, obviously we won’t be using them, but something really nice like this would be great to think of, not only is it a cool creature but it’s a play on words.


For the city/town world/scenes id like to create i have took inspiration from the architecture of the buildings in ToonTown in Disney World which are heavily inspired from 2d animations where they over exaggerated shapes, lines and curves to create the worlds we know and love, below is Micky Mouses house.


As a child i loved Dr Seuss Books and when i first saw The Grinch (2000) it amazed me that there actually was people and buildings in the same style that was illustrated in the books i loved as a child, looking at images from Seuss Landing in Universal Studio shows this style well.


ToonTown also has many buildings and streets created, It isn’t that we want to create a world thats wacky like this, but incorporate and the shapes and styles used when creating things from sweets and food things.

Disneyland2009_pano04_ToonTown.1200??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? more-toon-town-you-just-cant-get-enough-disneyland-resort-14094078-1280-1024Seuss_Landing  Toontown-sign

Looking at scenes from ‘The Lorax’ A Dr Seuss book that got turned into the 2012 film of the same name, really inspires me, looking at the image below, imagine those fluffy trees were made from candy floss or hard candy lollipops, imagine all those little leaves of the ground are made from shiney sweetie wrappers and imagine those rolling hill’s where made from cakes, ice cream and other delicious mountains of goodies, it would be an amazing scene to see and is something i really want to capture withen this project.truffula-trees-lorax


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