Concept Art Project

Part of our creative strategies module allows us to choose one of our own projects from a list of options, i chose Concept Art with the task being create a range of concept sketches and paintings that describe a world of your choice. Another part of our task is to either work alone or work in a team of your choice, myself and Julie Kane decided we would like to work together as we both have a painter/illustrator style background.

The next task was to decide what type of world we want to create, straight away Julie said she would like to focus on a jungle world with cool and cute animals, i think wondered how we could make it broader and a little more original, we then agreed it would be really cool to create a world from food, meaning sweets, savoury snacks, full meal options and their packaging, this means we can go crazy with our idea’s but also create more than just a jungle, we have decided that through a series of paintings and sketches we will create a jungle, a city, sea life etc

The first things that came into our heads for inspiration is the likes of SugarRush in Wreck it Ralph and some of the characters from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951), the bread and butterflies for example.

I am very excited about this project and am looking forward to seeing what sort of worlds we create together.


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