Essay Plan

Title: Comparing the Female Lead in Western and Eastern Animation



  • Explaining title
  • Why I feel passionately about this
  • Why I feel it is important to write this essay
  • What I plan to discuss and why

Discussing Walt Disney Studio’s


  • Begin with ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ (1937): Discuss plot and what purpose Snow White actually had to her own story, who was the hero and who was the villain. What message does this send to women?
  • Move on to the next Disney Princess film, ‘Cinderella’ (1950: Came over a decade later, was there much difference? Did she have more importance to her own film?
  • Skip ahead to the 80’s and 90’s and discuss ‘The Little Mermaid’ (1989) and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1991)- discuss what has changed in this films, if anything.
  • Fast forward to 2010 onwards with films such as ‘Brave’ (2012) and ‘Frozen’ (2013) where we see a much more drastic change in the female lead.
  • Discuss why I think this has changed looking at time period, culture and how gender equality has changed most drastically in the last twenty years.


Discussing Studio Ghibli


  • Discuss ‘Castle in the Sky’ (1986), Studio Ghibli’s first film, discuss what purpose Princess Sheeta to her own story, possibly compare this to Snow White?
  • Discuss ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ (1988), and the two main characters, children, Satsuki and Mei.
  • Discuss ‘Spirited Away’ (2001) and the main character Chihiro and what purpose she has to her own story.
  • Fast forward to 2013 and compare Frozen and/or Brave to ‘The Tale of Princess Kaguya’ (2013)


Compare both Studio’s


  • Compare both studio’s first off looking at the female characters and their looks, body image and age’. Then discuss the importance they have to the story plot they are involved in.
  • Look at cultural movements of that time and discuss if this reflects in the movies.
  • Discuss why western films characters are usually between the ages of 16 and 18 and why Eastern film usually have children between the ages of 4 and 12.


What Message Does this Send?


  • What do young children say these films messages send?
  • What do grown women feel the message is that these films send?
  • What do men think?
  • What do the directors and writers of the films say the message is?
  • What do I think?




  • What message have I gotten across?
  • Do I think film has changed through time?
  • Will it?
  • Does there need to be change?
  • What can we take away from this?



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