Model Design and Rigging

When it came to designing the heads we all had different ideas, and here are some of the designs…

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 17.00.47 10726296_10204447387120011_1198557683_n 10720930_10204320636591327_131743581_n 10716164_10204319600805433_1278369219_n 10711710_10204319908573127_1140280451_n 10687870_10203157085188166_7427039498568274541_o 10500405_580161045421243_5173714616132906976_n 10672336_580091595428188_2942641295961777983_n copy 10561766_582476545189693_1218734254601083006_n 10629700_580100085427339_4718053297298556251_n 10477892_583330578437623_1345497472348690667_n 10472818_10203258223236554_437332118807280079_o 10153781_10203268550414727_5306291157212004349_n 10277606_579605815476766_5938664611094079361_n 1743332_10204320010735681_773025925_n copy 1398332_10203158013811381_8680463958570342575_o

What we finally decided on was a stye that was quite basic, i drew it out in front and side view so that we could import it into maya and make it easier for ourselves to model a character with the same similarities and features.

10426779_10204447562884405_7490040983564457592_n 75954_10204447596965257_345044315472129206_n

We then began modelling from this, however some members from the group still found it hard to follow this and some models still didn’t look similar enough, here are some screenshots of the many heads created.

Blaines model


Marks model


Julies model


my model


Marks Model


We spent so long modelling and fixing, retopologisng models etc that we didn’t have time to go back and remodel, we just had to move onto rigging, texturing and animating. So we ended using mine, Mark’s and Blaine’s models in the final film, to try and differentiate from them a little more, i painted double textures for the same models, so that they could be the same model with a different texture and then they can be scaled bigger or larger, this makes them look like very different models, even though truly they are the same.

Once we did this Blaine then took the models and rigged them. Sadly, we had some problems with the rigs and they had to be redone quite a few times which held us back a few days, we also had some problems with the blend shapes which lead to them being redone too, but in the end the rig and blend shapes worked well and we were able to animate quite well.


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