Learning Z-Brush

After learning and struggling how to UV Map i decided to learn Z-Brush as i had found out from researching that if you export your model from maya and import it into Z-brush, you can then unflatten the model and get Z-brush to create the UV Map for you, then export model and map separately, paint the map and import the model into maya and assign the newly painted texture/material to the model. I found this so much easier and was able to paint the textures for the entire film this way.

Here are some of the painted textures before assigned onto the models

blaines head uv map painted little rocks paint main head rigged needs painted texture snapshot other texrure for blaines models

volcano uvs 001

Mark Lisk and i stayed in uni for a whole weekend and i got all the textures painted and assigned into the film, we were then able to start preparing to animate on the Monday.


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