Easter Island- Whats Next?

After presenting our first animatic we got some feedback, some positive and some not so great.


  • liked the idea
  • liked most of the story


  • worried about style of heads, are they to be realistic or far from realism?
  • composition and cinematography needs fixing
  • animatic felt like shots constantly change when it was just poor drawing
  • make sure film reads in the time given
  • worried that all team members weren’t working to full potential

So what do we do next?

So after our critique we had to meet as a team again and say ok, what do we need to fix/improve on and how can we do it in the time given?

So we went back to the storyboarding process and really discussed how the set should be in great depth, once we had this sorted out we had the set completely modelled in a day!


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