Concept Art

Before modelling, texturing etc could begin we of course needed to decide on the style of the film, and having a particularly artistic team we all created a lot of concept art, here is just some of the many images we created.

By myself


By Julie


By myself

1743332_10204320010735681_773025925_n copy

By Julie


By Blaine


By Julie


By Niamh

10419563_10152523951239842_5754699548436950905_n copy

By myself


By Julie


By Blaine

10477892_583330578437623_1345497472348690667_n 10500405_580161045421243_5173714616132906976_n copy  10561766_582476545189693_1218734254601083006_n 10629700_580100085427339_4718053297298556251_n 10672336_580091595428188_2942641295961777983_n copy

By Julie

10679590_10203257608941197_4285312917254393714_o 10687870_10203157085188166_7427039498568274541_o

By myself

10704403_10204305050001672_6107655430844377070_o 10711710_10204319908573127_1140280451_n copy  10716164_10204319600805433_1278369219_n copy 10716164_10204319600805433_1278369219_n 10720930_10204320636591327_131743581_n 10726296_10204447387120011_1198557683_n 20141005_203922 Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 17.00.47  Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 15.09.21


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