Finally it was time to animate! So we made a little list of who was doing what and this is how it went.

Mark Lisk

All fly actions

Me (Emma McCormick)

Main heads lip sync ‘Aww Man!”

Niamh Cunningham

Head fall and domino effect

Julie Kane

Wobble (before fall)

Blaine Fox


However this didn’t all go to plan, Julie felt she was unable to correctly animate the wobble, and due to running out of time, Niamh animated her piece as well as her own.

Blaine had a little struggle with the sneeze which led to him having to alter and fix it quite a few times, but he got there and i felt it looked quite well.

I have to say, although Blaine and few others liked my attempt at the lip sync for ‘Aww man” i felt that it wasn’t quite right, and definitely not perfect, but i was pleased that i was able to do it on my own with a readable result.

Niamh struggled with her wobble and fall, but i feel that it was the fact we were rushing to get it rendered, and it can be fixed before the January hand in and i have no doubt that she will do it well 🙂

Mark, i can’t fault, he went above and beyond and even learnt how to motion blur and depth of field, i thought the fly looked great.


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