Shot Break Down

Futuristic Setting. City scene. set in  the year 3064.


shot 1

Lonely Street.

Establishing Shot. Buildings, Parked Car, Street.

Dog enters scene from left hand side of shot

Shot 2

High angle Long shot of the street. Robo-dog sprints out onto the street and through a door of a building.


Shot 3

Robot flys/hovers and lands suddenly/abruptly on a futuristic car.

Shot 4

Front Close up of his legs and feet as he lands and crumbles the car.Front Close up of him standing up his feet and legs in shot.


Shot 5

Close up of his face and shoulders in frame/shot.

Shot 6

Jumps off car, causing damage.


Shot 7

Character then runs through the building door after the robo-dog.


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