Project Put on Hold!

So our 15 second film project has been put on hold for two weeks :(…but it’s okay because we have been given an awesome opportunity!

We are now doing a project that will last two weeks (starting yesterday evening). A film company contacted the university and wants our idea’s and creative minds so that they can then create something awesome from it, in return they will give us the assets used so that we can learn and play with them! and whats going round the rumour mill is that said animation company could be Double Negative!

Double Negative! As in the guys who made Iron man, Hercules, Godzilla (2014),  Les Miserables, Man of Steel, Thor, Skyfall and so much more, the excitement within me is just erupting! 😀

i mean, just check out their show reel!

Anyway, what we have to do is come up with an idea based in a city/town/street setting, and that’s all the information we have really been given, we don’t know long it is to last or anything like that, all we know is we are story boarding (possibly making an animatic)  and possibly experimenting in making some assets, in two weeks we will present, the company will choose the best one and the project will end. I am working in the same group as i was for the last project, (Mark, Julie, Niamh & Blaine) So let’s get crackin’! 🙂


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