The Penguins Demise Storyboarded


1. story begins with two penguins hanging out on an iceberg2

2. Close up of penguins hanging out


3. one penguin decides to push/shove the other one4

4. The other decides to hit him back.


5. this quickly turns into a ‘cat fight’ of slapping.6

6. camera zooms out to reveal a shark fin swimming around the iceberg.7

7. Penguins both stop in their tracks and watch the Shark swim around. 8


8. Penguin decides to push the other off of the ice berg.9

9. Penguin goes flying off of the berg.


10. After he falls in the water, the shark quickly gobbles him and slides back into the water.



11. Shocked penguin slowly/discreetly/comically shuffles along to the other side of the iceberg



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