Fat Cat Idea Storyboarded


1. Story opens to bird singing on tree branch2

2. Camera zooms out to reveal fat cat watching the bird.3

3. Scene cuts to show the cat comically run/shuffle along towards the tree4

4. Close up of cat cats bottom comically shaking as it prepares for its pounce.5

5. Side view of cat preparing to pounce.



6.  Slow motion of cat leaping towards the tree7

7. Slow motion of cats joyous face as it reaches out to the tree/bird8

8. Cat happily clings to tree as bird fly’s off.9

9. Close up of tree trunk, snapping and crunching under fat cat’s weight.10


10. Cat’s face turns to shock as it clings to the tree.11

11. Close up of same expression


12. Tree comically and vert quickly falls to the ground, hear nothing but silence and then a low moan from the cat under the tree.




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