An Update!

Today we plan to be ready to render within the next 2-3 hours.

We are almost there! 😀

We are currently all fixing problems with the animation and improving upon what we have already done. For example, in the end scene Shelley animated the big birds cocky/laughing expression. We felt that as it is now it look’s a little ‘choppy’ and the animation isn’t as ‘smooth’ as we would have liked so Pete is working on it to make it play smoother and have his expressions and emotions smoother and clearer for the audience.

Another problem we had was that Shelley’s animation didn’t cut well together with my animation so i got her to send me her maya file and i imported her actions and bird into my scene so that her animation is covered by my smoke and turns into the cooked chicken as planned.

Niamh then took the final scene and extended it to add in the credits which she created in maya and set the camera so that it is ready to render. (at this moment right now Pete is fixing the animation).

Another problem we ran into was with the eyes, We couldn’t parent the eyes to the bird as then we couldn’t move them about and make him look alive so we have been animating them separately as we cannot work out how to do it any other way. Because of this there are certain points were the eyes are not attached the head or are inside the head, so we have took some extra time and care to go into the scenes and fix these problems so that the eyes look normal.

What is left to do

What we have left to do is fix all the camera angles so that are how we want them in the final rendered film, once we have that done we can start rendering!

I am glad that we can render today, as if something does go wrong in one of the shots, we could still have time to re-render as we are dividing our films rendering between 4 mac’s which really helps us speed up the process.

Whilst the film is rendering we can work on our sketchbooks and blogs and also work on our other module. We can even start finding and/or creating sounds that we haven’t found yet for our film so that we are fully prepared when we start editing.

Once everything is rendered we can then begin the editing and sound process and i should hope that we will have everything ready and prepared for our deadline on Monday which is 5 days from now.



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