The time has come my friends…

Finally we are at the stage in our project where we have begun animating, we began a few days ago and gave ourselves today as the deadline, Once finished animating we can then playblast them. Once i have the playblast video’s i can edit them together and see how our film plays.

I don’t have my hopes up as i know everyone will have some sort of tweek or fix to do, once we give each other criticism we will set to work fixing our imperfections. We will give ourselves until tomorrow night or wednesday before lunch time to have this done, once we have this done i will add them all together again in the editing process, if the film plays smoothly (which i pray that it does) we can then get set up to render our film!

Surprisingly i was the first person to get my playblast done. However you could say i was the lucky one as i had very little animating to do. However my scene has alot of smoke and so i spent the past week or more learning about smoke emitters and working out how to make the smoke move how i wanted it to, via movement, speed, direction and otherwise. I had trouble learning how to get it to fade but after many tweeks and quite a few playblast’s i got there. ¬†Here is my first and final playblast…

As you can see this video lasts a total of 9 seconds which is far to long as our film is only 15 seconds in total. I then spent some time speeding up the smoke and although the next clip says its 6 seconds a few seconds will be clipped off it in the editing process, for example there wont be the slight wait at the beginning of the clip, the clip will begin with the bird immediately getting immersed in smoke (as Shelly has all animating previous to this scene completed).


I am still awaiting the rest of the groups playblast’s but i hope to get these by the end of today.




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