Character Changes

When presenting 2 weeks ago we were told the characters we had modelled and rigged weren’t working with the story. We were told they had to connection to one another as they were two completely different birds in two very different colours, that was our intent of course but we didn’t realise this would cause questions and confusion to the story, so we have redesigned, modelled and rigged two new characters which we have now started animating with.

These are the original characters we had made

1380351_10152804394571992_7335715005969371011_n 10157369_10152808560706992_5149666381856679752_n


Here they are in the scene, as you can see the larger bird hadn’t even been put in colour at this point and we had no back ground or sky.


I personally thought they looked well, particularly the blue bird, but of course we took all criticism aboard and this is how they look now…

This is the birds after i assigned the Shader- Ai standard materials. I chose to blue colours to help explain that these birds are related. Scott and Shelley modelled these birds and they tried to make them look similar is shape, this could be two brothers, or a father and son, or even cousins of some sort.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 20.52.31

Here they are in a rendered shot of our set.10294342_10152211279679842_8374091005829296526_n

Here is a longer shot, to help set the scene, and show the scale of the birds in correlation to the set.


Here they are close up in the set in a screen shot, before rendering.Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 13.58.41


At this point we have started animating and would hope to start rendering out the shots no later than Tuesday or Wednesday (4-5 days from now)


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