after too much thought time and not enough creative time, i have finally decided that in order to visually display teh world wide death penalty stats, i will do so via an Infographic, wether it will be animated or not is undecided at this point.

I decided to research some, and here are some that i found eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, mostly due to the complimentary colour choices, they are easy to read and easy to understand.


Color_Emotion_Guide22 Infographic-of-infographics paralympicsaa


I actually really do enjoy these, particularly the one about colour emotion, and the one with random facts about the London Olympics.

As mine is based around world wide facts and statisitcs i would like to do something with a map, perhaps changing each state, contintent, country, etc into a different section with something famous from that area or their culture that will also have their death penalty stats included. My problem with this is that what i have to present and visualise is so morbid.

I hate making sad, depressing, morbid things, so the look of mine may visually contradict what it’s actually informing the viewer of, haha.

I also found some infographics that included world maps, to give me an idea of where to start.

Chart_9New_infographic_lores 5414 infographic-map-world-language-families-310933 gaming global

i may separate the infographic into many infographics and perhaps only focus on one country per poster or animation (i haven’t decided how this will be presented yet).

However, i am glad i have finally come up with a reasonable idea that isn’t just a bunch of graphs and other such poop.


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