Trajan font is used is many film posters such as below





Paul also used us something called hedgehogs. A Restaurant, and he used many different fonts and told us to guess what type of restaurant it was from the fonts which made us realise how important typography is. From typography alone we could guess if it was Italian, fast food, indian, Chinese etc.

Creating fake business cards, Paul also asked us would we hire this person based on their business card, which was also an eye opener. If someone uses comic sans, you can be pretty sure they won’t be hired…unless they are a child’s entertainer, and even then its iffy.  Example, if someone died and you needed an undertaker you would want a serious and sensitive business card, not something happy and cheerful.

Typography is used in all languages, even fake ones such as elvish.


common terms from typing come from when the lead alphabet pieces were stored in cabinets, the capital letters were kept in the upper case and the small letters were kept in the lower one, hence the term, Upper and lower case.

Font’s have font sets such as bold, italic etc and other even expand into hundreds of style of the one font, these are called super families.

All things have to be considered when using typography such as kerning, tracking, alignment, leading etc

Different fonts are used for different reasons, for example there are some fonts that look great on screen, and for poster etc, but for print in newspapers etc they just aren’t reasonable and professional looking.

Different Typographers 

Eric Gill

Eric Gill was a fantastic type designer, however was a horrible paedophile which is very ironic as most of his work was based around biblical books.


4439103535_7f3d778f2a gill


Max Miedinger 

Max Miedinger (December 24, 1910 in Zurich, Switzerland – March 8, 1980, Zürich, Switzerland) was a Swiss typeface designer. He was famous for creating the Neue Haas Grotesk typeface in 1957 which was renamed Helvetica in 1960. Marketed as a symbol of cutting-edge Swiss technology, Helvetica went global at once.





Eric Spiekermann 

Erik Spiekermann (born May 30, 1947 in Stadthagen, Lower Saxony) is a German typographer and designer. He is a professor at the University of the Arts Bremen.

Print spiekermann_erik typographicportraits1 World Map


Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes is a canadian artist, sculptor and typeface artist. She makes intricately detailed things, and short life art pieces, such as things made out of sugar or salt.

cordial-bloom pic_saks-wantit2 picture_1 tumblr_mkoamo3wi21rb4zblo1_500

Jessica Hische 

Jessica Hische (born 1984) is an American letterer, illustrator, and type designer.

ddc1 JessicaHische_10 JessicaHischeTypography1 mother-nature11

Si Scott 

I don’t know much about Si Scott’s personal life, but his work is beautiful! I genuinely do love it, teh intricate detail is astounding and inspires me.





Si-Scott-Studio-Illustration-Graphic-Design-Art-17 si-scott sicott212


Paula Scher 

Paula Scher (born October 6, 1948, Virginia) is an American graphic designer, painter and art educator in design, and the first female principal at Pentagram, which she joined in 1991


Paula-Scher-interview-designboom-09 Paula-Scher-tsumani-map paula455


Stefan Sagmeister 

Stefan Sagmeister (born August 6, 1962 in Bregenz, Austria) is a New York-based graphic designer and typographer. He has his own design firm—Sagmeister & Walsh Inc.—in New York City. He has designed album covers for Lou Reed, OK Go, The Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Aerosmith and Pat Metheny.




good~s800x800 misfortune_kim sagmeister05 screen-shot-2009-11-15-at-22-48-10



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