Visualising the World

Looking at how the world has been visualised throughout the years is fasinating to, even from cave paintings, to old maps etc

AltamiraBison pd_g6_unit1_ps1


very bad quality video from youtube, but this is a beautiful modern adaption of these cave drawings.

Ice Age Cave Animation

Even early astronomy is very interesting both data wise and visually.



Egyptian Relics are just as interesting and even tell a story.




Early drawings of the human anatomy are very interesting, Da Vinci’s are very interesting, he had gotten almost everything pretty correct.

davinci1 gravid




A student created this animation of the human body looking at the body as an industrial palace, it is very interesting and beautifully thought out.

The Body in An Industrial Palace

Electrical Engineering such as circuit boards  are a prime example

board Electrical Engineering2

The London Underground has been designed not geographically correct but perfectly easy to read and understand by anyone, use of colours and shapes are used thoughtfully. tube_map


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