Character Concept’s

Through the past fortnight we have been delving deeply into the ideation process and came up with 50+ ideas. Some obviously not very strong and others that we saw potential in and began developing more until we finally and 5 idea’s that we really liked.

Penguin Panic  

One idea we came up with was the idea of a little penguin who would stand on the edge of an iceberg trying to catch fish as they jumped out of the water until eventually a killer whale would emerge from the water and swallow the penguin and iceberg etc. We thought it would have good comic effect for a 15 second animation but felt that penguin’s have been a little over done in film lately.

Here are a few of my concepts



Dino Disaster 

A different story we had was the idea of having a few dinosaurs having an outdoor party when a meteor or something that resembles ‘the big bang’ crashes into earth and kills them all, then a dino in a Hawaiian shirt with a tray of margaritas walks into the screen wondering were everyone is.

Here are some of my concepts for this idea.



The Life of Fli 

Another idea that we really liked was the idea of a fruit fly’s life span. We would show him progress from childhood to old age as backgrounds change and what he wears change, example school uniform, graduation, walking stick and beard etc, instead of dying we would have a  fly swat come in and squish him, we all really liked this idea however one group member did’t like it and couldn’t be sold on the idea.

Here is my concepts for this idea



Much Birds, Such Music

Another idea we had was for a little bird to walk over to an ipod and push a button have happy music come out and he would dance, then he would the button again and death metal would blast out, scare the little bird and he run into a wall and knock himself out, however not all group members could agree on this idea either and so we developed it further.

Here are the concepts for this bird



We developed this story and came up with the idea of two birds, a small, fat, cute bird and an ’emo bird’. The emo bird will be sitting listening to the ipod minding his own business when the little bird comes into screen and tries to talk to him, he cant hear him so he tries to change the song, when he does this the emo bird will push him away, in anger the little bird will walk over jump on top of the ipod and begin to bounce and bounce changing the song repeatedly until the ipod begins to smoke and finally explodes, once the smoke fades we will see the too birds, black and crispy.

Here are my concepts for the ’emo bird’.

emo bird


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