Final Major Project

We started our final major project of the year on Monday, we have 6 weeks to create a 15 second film using Maya. At the moment we are still in the ideation process and here is a short basic storyboard we created on post it notes.

Its about a bird and an ipod

20140312_143713 20140312_143717 20140312_143722 20140312_143725

bird looks at ipod, curious

20140312_143729 20140312_143732


Nervously pokes button with foot



Jumps away waiting for something terrifying20140312_143741

Nothing happens

20140312_143745 20140312_143750 20140312_143754 20140312_143758

Taps button with beak


Happy music comes out


Bird dances

20140312_143823 20140312_143828 20140312_143832 20140312_143838

Bird taps again for another song

20140312_143845 20140312_143849

Nothing happens


Bird goes to tap again but before he does….20140312_143914

heavy metal blasts from the ipod and terrifies the bird20140312_143921

he quickly runs away

20140312_143928 20140312_143934 20140312_143938 20140312_143942


runs into a wall and knocks himself out#



The End


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