Deadlines and Diseases

Yesterday was our deadline for our New Narratives Project based on the film, Rain Man and the book The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler.

But of course, my life is never that simple. Disaster strikes when i took ill on Friday. I hadn’t worried as i assumed id be better by the time the weekend was over, but no. I was feeling so ill i couldn’t even make it into uni until lunch time (just in time for our presentation).

Luckily we had all worked hard over the weekend getting the final pieces completed and the presentation prepared so when i arrived on Monday all we had to do was decide what order we were going to speak in and what we were going to say.

I don’t do well in presentations as the idea of everyone staring and listening intently to everything i say and do just terrifies me, in my very first university presentation i think people thought i was going to hyperventilate i took so many deep, shaky breaths and could barely walk back to my seat after it was over, luckily i’ve gotten a little bit better since then, as we do a casual table presentation almost on a weekly basis, so i wasn’t panicking as much with this one, but of course, life isn’t that kind and decided to give me a bug to deal with too, which in some ways helped, i wasn’t worrying about how i acted in the presentation anymore, i was just worrying about pukeing infront of 40+ people.

Luckily, i managed to keep myself under control and say what i had to say somewhat constructively. All in all i thought our presentation went well (asides from the fact we went slightly over the time limit)

All in all, i did enjoy the project, particularly in the past week when we got to do the really fun kid’s drawings.I am now looking forward to having a slightly more chilled week before next weeks terror begins and we start an animation fully created using Maya D:


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