Work so Far

Yesterday and this morning as a group we have been creating Childrens drawings, teenage diary entries etc from Charlie Babbit’s point of view (Tom Cruise from Rain Man). Here are my pieces so far.

Trying to make them look old has been our biggest difficulty.

A young drawing by Charlie depicting his dead mother as an angel in heaven.



As he grows, so does his love for cars, here is a pen study by Charlie of his dads car



An angry teenage diary entry from Charlie

car ;etter

He defaces his drawing to write about how he hates the car as his dad wont let him drive itcar final

Here is a letter from Charlie after he leaves home



A childhood drawing of charlie, his dad and the rainman



The Rainman

rain man by charlie

This drawing shows rain man and his early adoration for carsrainmandrives

Rain man helps Charlie through hard times, he sees him as a hero and someone who isn’t afraid.



The rest of the group have done a lot of fantastic work as well and i can’t wait to see it all as a scrap book.


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