What a Curve Ball!

Today, our class got one mighty curve ball, when presenting our lecturer’s realised none of our projects had the ‘ooh’ factor that is  need, they had taken a hop in the right direction, but not the jump.

We had been planning to create a comic book with comical stories to do with Charlie and Raymond from Rainman, now that we have re brain stormed we have came up with a much stronger idea.

20140224_163634 20140224_163642 20140224_163704 20140224_163714

We were looking at ideas of twisting the idea completely and having Charlie be the character with the mental problems, perhaps Raymond doesn’t exist and really is just his imaginary friend, so we came up with a solution using this idea…

The comic is no longer a comic, but a scrap book that documents drawings and thoughts from Charlie since he was about 4+ years old. The beginning will be stick men and extremely basic drawings that develop into better drawings as the ‘years’ pass on, most if not all of these drawings will depict Charlie with his imaginary friend (Raymond) who he calls the Rain man. As the years go on further the drawings will begin to stop and the book will form into a diary where Charlie writes his thoughts and worries. He will begin to form an obsession with feeling like something is missing from his life or something is being hidden from it, the scrapbooks very last page will be a a diary entry explaining his joy that he has met Raymond finally and realises he has a brother and he wasn’t crazy after all.

We now have one week left so its all stations go! But i hope that will a full team effort from me, Jordan, Dan and Mark we will get there.


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