Drawing as a Child Would.

For this project we will need to take our drawing skills and throw them to ones side as we need to create drawings that are supposedly drawn by a 4 year old+

I had researched this a little last semester and gotten by boyfriends little brothers and sisters to draw their idea of what a monster, villain, super hero etc would be like in their heads, here were their drawings…

1503739_672806322759092_962014855_n 1503667_672806779425713_1245987510_n 1502132_672806312759093_2054234170_n 1492937_672807549425636_357352558_n 1483604_672806319425759_1763029958_n 1508294_672806316092426_1077263001_n


We will be making this ‘scrapbook’ digitally and using certain paintbrushes and layering effects to make it look like it was drawn by a child and thats around 50 years old.

Just googling children s drawings has helped me understand a childs idea of how they draw and use colour.

97qrg9 alek_milanov_ivantchev FamilyDrawing preschematic-child-artwork1 scan0001




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