Never Take a Right Turn at Albuquerque



The change of Bugs Bunny is crazy, he started off as a pretty badly drawn simple character than evolved into the bugs we know and love today, this comforts me to know that when i design Charlie and Raymond they will morph into a much better designed character.




The Chapter about Roadrunner from Chuck Amuck, i wrote out the most important points from it.

20140219_103125 copy


“Today i went to the library and took out the book Chuck Amuck- The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist by Chuck Jones. In a character called Never Take a Right Turn at Albuquerque, Jones discusses Wile E Coyote and Road Runner. Here is an extract i found from the book that i found useful.

In the road runner cartoons, we hoped to evoke sympathy for the coyote. It is the basis of the series: the Coyote tries by any means to capture the road runner, at first to eat him, but this motive becomes a loss dignity that forces him to continue. The roadrunner has never touched him, never even startled him intentionally beyond coming up behind him occasionally and going ‘beep beep!’.

Coyotes only enemy is his own stubbornness. like all of us at at least some of the time , he forgets his original reasons for embarking on it.

It is easier for the Coyote to make one small human error and fall on his face than it is for me to fall off a ladder carrying a bucket of yellow paint- there is an absolute logic to the devices that oue fanatically single minded Coyote uses, they should work but there is always one thing wrong, and that tiny thing leads to disaster.

The first RoadRunner cartoon was a absolute failure.

Coyote and Roadrunner Rules

  • Road runner cannot harm Coyote, except by going ‘beep beep!’
  • no outside force can harm coyote, only his own failures.
  • no dialogue ever, except ‘beep beep!’
  • road runner must stay on the road (its only logical)
  • all action must be confined to natural space (desert)
  • all tools, weapons must be from ACME
  • When possible, make gravity Coyotes enemy
  • Coyote always more humiliated that he is harmed.




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