As i had said in a previous post, we had been looking at Loony Tunes for inspiration and i had mentioned Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner, so i decided to do a few quick sketches of them to see if i could take some of their body language and put it into Charlie and Raymond, for example, when roadrunner runs, we dont see his legs, they turn into circular lines wich express his great speed and motion, this could be used in Charlie when running to save Raymond from getting hit by a car for example.

roadrunner page

Although i don’t particularly like the design or style of Buttons and Mindy, their story line is exactly what we are looking for, Buttons is constantly running after Mindy and getting hurt whilst Mindy walks off unharmed.



I found these model sheets on google to help myself express the movement and body language expressed by different characters.8445666430_14a089de7c_h CC1207-RR&Coyote-ModelSheet download (2)


I googled Loony Tunes storyboard and found this lovely hand drawn one that still has colouring pencil on, i think i may draw out a story board or comic in this way and then import it into Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop and recreate it digitally with colour. Looney_Tunes_JaimeGarcia

LOOPY 2 LTP_SB_24HourDaze_00012 Road-Runner_Model_Sheet




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