We are a world who are suckers for nostalgia, anything that will take us back to a happy, safe, lost memory, and we will fall in love with.

Advertising companies know this only to well and take advantage of this in their adverts, for example , Jack Daniels does it very well and it also advertises to a particular age group in doing so.

However, i found that playstation’s advert connected with me on  a much better level, being a kid of the 90’s. I thought this advert was fantastic.

Capturing this kind of essence in a photo will be loved by many, which is why the likes of instagram became so popular as the filters imitate photos taken from a polaroid camera. My uncle got me a polaroid camera for christmas one year and i thought it was magic, it was amazing to see the photos appear in front of your own eyes! However, silly 7 year old me only ever took photo’s of her cat or the snow on Christmas morning of that year, i never got to use it after that as the film was too expensive.


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