Loony Tunes!

As the group is leaning closer and closer to focusing on a comic for our graphic, we have enthused that we really want to add a great deal of humor, much like the style made famous by Tex Avery in the Loony Tunes.

In particular we thought Charlie and Raymond’s relationship reminded us of Wile Coyote and Roadrunner, Charlie being Wile Coyote and Raymond being Roadrunner.  In that Charlie is chasing Raymond around and trying to take care of him but Charlie ends up getting hurt or injured in comical ways whilst Raymond remains unharmed.


However, we do not want to depict Charlie to hurting or trying to ‘capture’ Raymond, its more along the lines of Raymond doing dangerous things and Charlie being the one to get hurt in the attempt to save him.

Example, in the film Raymond stands still in the middle of the road because the sign says ‘do not walk’ a car comes and the guy gets out and yells at him and Charlie runs to his rescue, we thought it would be funny to change this idea by a car(or bus) coming full speed when Charlie runs out and pushes Raymond out of way, for Charlie to then get hurt.


Perhaps a better example of this, as Dan pointed out would be  Mindy and Buttons from the Animaniac’s. Buttons is constantly trying to save Mindy from danger only for Buttons to get hurt.

I am really looking forward to working on this graphic with Dan, Jordan and Mark



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