Designing a Graphic

A main part of our New Narratives project is to design a graphic.

As a group we have stumbled upon many ideas and haven’t firmly decided on one yet.

Our film is rain man and so Jordan designed a little drawing a silhouette in the rain with an umbrella, i thought it was really cool and decided to work on it too, i added text and numbers, symbolising the rain mans thoughts, i don’t think its a strong enough idea to become a final graphic, but its definitely something that i find interesting.

The idea below has lots of numbers around the rain man (Raymond) as he can add, multiply, subtract enormous mathematical problems and memorise numbers and names to a shocking extent.

rain man numbest only

i altered this one slightly to make it look like the umbrella is protecting him from the numbers, as it would with rain.

rain man numbest only 1 not oncharactr

this version has lots of phrases and thoughts Raymond had throughout the film, along with hundreds of numbers, in a messy hard to read image, i think this helps the viewer understand what it may feel like to be inside Raymond’s head, or what it may be like to live his life.

rain man with wrods and numbers1

This image has no numbers, just all of Raymonds thoughts that may go through his head on a day to day basis, or at least the thoughts that may be going through his head as he goes on his journey with Charlie.

rain man with wrods

This image has the words and numbers but the character in the image is still clearly visable, this may better express Raymond’s isolation to the rest of the world to a viewer. rain man words and numbers background only


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