Some Photography

Quite open to admitting most of these are pretty horrible, and some have been slightly edited.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 22.33.44

From Halloween, a toffee apple, i thought the air bubbles looked very cool.Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 23.01.19 Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 23.03.08


Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 23.04.16 Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 23.04.35

Antibes, France.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 23.04.58

Monte Carlo

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 23.05.08


WP_20140208_001 WP_20140208_002 WP_20140208_003 WP_20140208_008 Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

WP_20140208_016 WP_20140208_018 WP_20140208_020 WP_20140208_022 WP_20140208_023 WP_20140208_024 WP_20140208_031 WP_20140208_035 WP_20140208_044 WP_20140208_045 WP_20140208_051 WP_20140208_053 WP_20140208_057 WP_20140208_077


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