Imaging and Data Visualisation

On friday, we had our first lecture that is based around the subject of Imaging and Data Visualisation.

“Don’t worry about what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.- Howard Thurman”

We will have 3 projects (60%) and a blog (40%)

Project 1 Photographic. It is worth 15% and is 3 weeks long

Project 2 Illustrative it is worth 15% and is 3 weeks long

Project 3 Database data visualisation it is 6 weeks long


Project 1


  • use composition rules when taking photographs
  • consider visual narratives
  • learn how to save and compress images for screen


  • Looking for landscapes
  • cityscapes
  • seaside
  • take on board principles
  • research
  • consider


  • small individual items
  • can relate to macro theme
  • sense of narrative


  • don’t put yourself at risk
  • don’t enter property
  • don’t try to pass of other peoples work as your own

Research! Research! Research!

  • go beyond lecture content
  • show off your own interests
  • show creative experimentation
  • engage fully with module


  • ‘Selfies’
  • no composition
  • not thought through
  • blurry/unfocused images
  • glare

What we are looking for in Macro

  • perspective
  • angles
  • clarity
  • building a story around shots


  • Consider backgrounds
  • battered wood etc
  • snow


  • can tidy images on photoshop
  • do not fully change or edit


  • local photographers
  • Rob Durston
  • Chris Hill
  • Simon Mills
  • Michael Taylor
  • Paul Seawright


  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Vizuali
  • flickr

all creative material must be uploaded to flickr

A Rough Guide to Composition

  • rule of thirds
  • looking room
  • golden ratio
  • finding fresh angles
  • keep horizontals, horizontal
  • fill the frame
  • break the rules
  • break the rule of thirds-if it works
  • experiment with different framing
  • cropping
  • take unfocused )not blurry) photographs
  • move to create motion blur
  • Look at TedTalks
  • think about story behind a shot





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