Animation and Musicals!

As you can probably imagine by now, i wasn’t the ‘coolest’ of kids. Animated films and musicals just amazed me as a child. I remember trying to dance like Gene Kelly and even began ballet lessons as a child. Due to ill health i spent a lot of my time in bed, watching films wich were usually Disney films or Don Bluth films or shorts such as Loony Toons like Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry (as my dad was a fan). I also loved films like Singin in the Rain, Grease, An American in Paris, Chicago and much more. It’s funny, as my favorite parts of animated films were also the musical parts. When Arial sang ‘Part of your world’ in The Little Mermaid’ all i wanted to do was be a mermaid (even though she was singing about her desire to be human).  When Balloo sang ‘the Bear Neccessities’ all i wanted to do was turn into Mowgli and sing right along with him!

I remember one day my mum put on the film Anchors Aweigh and Gene Kelly started dancing with Jerry mouse from Tom and Jerry and i just couldn’t believe my eyes. I wasn’t very old at the time and it really made me believe that these characters were real. There Jerry was, dancing perfectly in time to Gene Kelly, talking to him and interacting with him. My childhood was spent watching these films and drawing the characters in them. Only now do i realize how much this effected my life choices.  Back then it was like magic to my eyes, now i understand the animation process but when a piece of animation is done beautifully it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can appreciate and love the work that you are watching come to life.

This clip is so famous and obviously stuck in the minds of many other creative types, as family guy did a remake placing Stewie Griffin in the part of Jerry, although they did take a few shortcuts, just tracing over Jerries movements, if you looks closely at the reflection on the floor, its Jerries, not Stewies.

Combining Live Action with animation was always something that inspired me and i love to do in today’s films. When the makers brought an animated sequence into 500 days of Summer i was thrilled!

As a child i loved the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but i do remember fast forwarding and rewinding the video tape  to only watch the animated pieces. The animals playing football was so comical.

I used to do the same thing with Mary Poppins, my favorite part was the animated sequence, which funnily is the author P.L Travors least favorite, She hated it and wanted it removed from the film even after the film premiered.

One last film i feel the need to bring up really pushed the limits of bring animation into Live action films and thats Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  The film included disney characters, Warner Brother Characters, characters such as Betty Boop who was shown in black and white even though the rest of the film was in full colour. and, of course the Villain who was live action but was actually a ‘toon’.



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