For our Typography project we are based in our Jellyfish world so first off i had wanted to create and research type based around sea life and creatures.

I found a few on the internet and took inspiration from them such as this one.


i quite liked this idea but decided not to opt for it or develop it further as our project wasn’t based on sealife, it was a world within in a jellyfish.



I also liked the idea of using letters to create an image like the letters w-h-a-l-e has to create the shape of a whale. However, doing this to create a jellyfish with its many wobbling limbs would be incredibly difficult and so i decided to move on from this idea as well.



I decided to create this design based on a basic wavy type and adding this tentacle idea to it. However to do this in a full comic book or for a full deck of cards would be difficult and hard to read.

I decided to focus more closely on basic comic book style types/fonts and will then discuss with the group and take on board all of their designs.

This first design is a basic thick comic style


this design is a much thinner style but still keeping within the comic styling.


This style is inspired more by a science fiction design.20131215_203850

20131215_203855 20131215_203901

The following designs i wanted to look more hand drawn or ‘sketched’ which i quite like the design of. 20131215_203909 20131215_203921 20131215_2039140

As i had done a very thin design i wanted to make quite a fat rounded design and came up with this, i feel it also looks quite science fiction. 20131215_2039222


Once designing the top trump eco warrior cards begins we will have a much better understanding of typography and how we wish to proceed.







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