My Animatic Shots

Here are the pieces of our animatic which i worked on.

clock 1 clock 1 clock 2 clock 3 clock 4 clock 5 clock 6 clock 7 clock 8 clock 9 clock 10 clock 11 clock 12 clock 13 clock 14 drive by 1 drive by 2 drive by 3 drive by 4 drive by 5 drive by 6 drive by 7 drive by 8 drive by 9 drive by 10 drive by 11 drive by 12 drive by 13 drive by 14 drive by 15 drive by 16 driver pull over1 driver pull over2 driver pull over3 driver pull over4 driver pull over5 driver pull over6 driver pull over7 driver pull over8 driver pull over9 driver pull over10 driver pull over11 driver pull over12 gun1 gun2 gun3 gun4 gun5 gun6 gun7 gun8 gun9 gun10 gun11 gun12 gun13 gun14 gun15 holding gun1 holding gun2 holding gun3 holding gun4 holding gun5 holding gun6 holding gun7 holding gun8 holding gun9 holding gun10 holding gun11 holding gun12 holding gun13


Everyone else in the group has also done plenty of work and it will be shown once i upload the final animatic.


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