30 Second script

Our new project for Design Discourse is about finding a 30-40 second clip from a film that involves 3 characters, writing out the dialogue and giving it to another group. We will then have a new dialogue and have no idea what it is from, we will then record it and make an animation/live action or animatic using these 30 seconds.

My group decided to use a scene from Hocus Pocus, and here it is.

Character 1- What is this, sisters? Odds Bodkins!

Character 2- Farewell, mortal bus boy.

Character 1- Oh my!

Character 3- What are those? Whats that?

Character 1- Um..

Character 3- What is that?

Character 1- Uh, hobgoblins.

Character 3- Oh.

All 3 characters- Oooh! Oh!

Character 4- Bless you.

Character 1- Enough!

Character 3- Uh sisters, i’m very confused. I…i smell children, but i…i don’t see children. I….I’ve lost my power!

Character 1-  Enough, Enough, Enough!

Character 3- Sorry.

Character 1- We are witches, we are evil.

Character 3– Evil.

Character 1- What would mother say if she could see us like this?

Character 3– Oh

Characters 2&3- Mother!

Character 5- Mwahahaha!

Characters 1,2 &3- Master!


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