Learning how to Storyboard shots.

After we presented our animatics and storyboards, our tutor wanted us to think more about each important movement in pose to pose actions. We were shown a short clip from the 1977 film ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’. He showed us a 40 second clip of Piglet getting swooped up by a leaf and being blown away, only to bump into Pooh bear. He let us watch this clip about 4-5 times and then gave us the sound clip from that piece of film. Without being able to see the film any more we had to draw out the storyboard for that piece of film, determining what happens when by the sound clip we were given.  I have to say, i absolutely loved this exercise, it was fun and helpful.

We began by practicing drawing Pooh Bear and Piglet. Here are some quick sketchbook sketches.

20131124_154025 20131124_154029



We drew out rectangular boxes in our sketchbooks and began drawing what we could picture in our minds from what we had earlier watched. The clip began with leaves being blown and one large leaf being center screen.



We see Piglet sweeping away leaves outside his house when the wind momentarily lifts him from the ground.




The large leaf lifts piglet and blows him away for quite a while until he finally bumps into Pooh Bear and the leaf blows away.




Piglet continues to get blown away by the wind and Pooh slowly follows whilst watching.




Piglet gets lifted higher into the sky by the wind and Pooh sleepily continues to watch.






Pooh jumps up at the last minute and grabs piglets scarf, it begins to unravel and Piglet continues to be blown in the sky, getting higher and higher.




The scarf unravels until Piglet is holding onto the last piece of the unraveled thread. We see a final shot looking down at Pooh to explain how high up Piglet is.





This story happens for about 40 seconds of film and it took me about 45 story board drawings to depict. As you can see here i have only shown a few.

After i did this i decided that i had enjoyed it so much that i would extend on practicing the characters.  I wanted to show in my sketchbook the films style and use of colour, here is a little water colour painting i did of Piglet outside his home in the big oak tree.




I did these little drawings of Pooh bear in different poses using copic markers.


I really enjoyed drawing Piglet, probably as i got to draw him so much throughout so decided to do many different piglet poses and then added colour using Copic Markers.



I really enjoyed this project and would like to do something like this again in the future.


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