Making an Animatic.

We decided that rather than focusing on the fact its a jellyfish world we decided to focus on humans within the jellyfish who were experimented on and turned into animals. We decided to use the group aka me, Tyrone, Aidhan, Charlie and Hannah as the main characters. I am an octopus, Tyrone is a werebear, Aidhan is a bull, Charlie is a cat and Hannah is a possum/Squirrel. As you can see below.

charlie1 hnah minus the magnificent octavia the awesome taran the werebear



We decided to storyboard the idea of post it notes and stick them up and change them around until we got the desired shots and got the story making sense.We are looked at as super hero style characters. We escape from our tubes were we have been put into a coma and turn into out animal selves, we have a childs tv show style title sequence. We originally want to break the problem and become human but realise we like the powers we get along with being these animal creatures. As you can see below.



i decided to focus on the scene of us breaking out of our tubes and as you can see below i put it in a little video, sadly as i only have a trial of the software, there is a watermark over the film.

I am looking forward to seeing the finished product with all of our work included.



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