Making An Animatic

For our new Creative Elements project, we have put into new groups, in a new world and have 2 weeks to create a animatic. I am now in a group with Hannah L, Aidan, Charlie and Tyrone. Our new world is within a jellyfish. People live in different tiers of this jellyfish, i feel its very inspired by Terry Pratchett’s discworld.



As you can see here from the previous groups work there are many tiers and classes of people/things living within this jellyfish world. Everyone in our group felt like we had worked enough in groups that were based under water and i we were determined to get this jellyfish out of the sea! We realized that jellyfish don’t move by pushing from the water like we do, they release a gas that elevates them around the ocean and we thought, why not have this gas elevate them anywhere, and so we decided this jellyfish could float around earth, space, solar systems, whatever we want! This idea was heavily inspired by discworld.


So the question we have been addressed with is, what is an animatic?

Well, to put it bluntly, an animatic is a series of storyboarded images put together in a film with a soundtrack to tell the story. Up until just a few years ago, animatics were produced by filming or videotaping storyboards.

Over the last ten years, animatic production has become much more sophisiticated. Animatics are now produced with the aid of computer animation (2D or 3D), with special visual effects once reserved for high-end Hollywood productions.

here is a video example of a good animtic. It is the animatic for the music video to the song Dirty Harry by The Gorrliaz

Here is an outstanding animatic, i would actually call it an animation within itself. It blows my mind the talent and time put into these blockbuster films.

If our animatic is even one tenth as good as this, i will be a happy bunny 🙂


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