Metal World Sketchbook Work



With these sketches i was working with a number of things, perspective, cinematography, colour and tone. We were building upon the idea of a metal world that the groups before us had created. What they hadn’t established was were this place was and so i was trying to get a grasp of were this world is. As this world has a hero we wanted to bring a back story to him and so we came up with the idea that the reason he wasn’t fully turned into a robot was because he had dived into a lava pit, and when i emerged the disaster had already struck and so there he was, a metal man with a remaining human heart and brain. Taking this on board i began creating some images.

With this one i decided to put this world/city on top of a platform above pools of molten lava. 


In this one i wanted to bring in some colour and so did a warm, orangey wash of water colour to express how the lava and dust from it might effect the air giving it a warm glow constantly. I then quickly sketched in some harsh looking city buildings with a sharpie marker.




I forgot to mention, the reason this world is metal and magnetic is due to their being multiple suns and moons changing the gravitational pull and orbit etc. In this image i just wanted to visualise the other suns/moons/planet so stuck to a simple pencil sketch. Again, rivers of lava are present.


In the previous images, all the buildings are harsh looking and so i decided to try and give metal a softness. I used a few blue copic markers to create this design. I felt that blue wasn’t as harsh as black and it worked well with blending the shapes and shine that reflect from the buildings. 


In this image i took the harsh, sharpness of the metal to an extreme and gave every building sharp pointing edges. I took inspiration from some of the buildings in Dubai whilst i was researching. 



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