Fake Wounds.

In our film based on the seven deadly sins, we decided to focus on the sins Vanity, Anger and Pride. We feel that these 3 sins coincide with one another nicely. In our story the lead character is having mental and physical issues with her appearance and how she sees herself. In one touching scene, we will see her draw on surgery lines onto her face to portray were and what she thinks needs changed, however due to this vanity her face becomes sliced, burnt and gashed to the point were we can see bone. To do this successfully we need to spend some time working with prosthetics, face paint and makeup. Today we spent some time working on this and made a quite convincing wrist gash.


 As im sure you can tell, this is not the finished piece. When it comes to filming we will take into account all the problems with how these turned out and then work together to improve it to look like a real wound, but as they say, practice makes perfect.


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